Luís Albuquerque

Mayor of Ourém, Portugal @

Luis Albuquerque

Mayor of the Ourém

Born in Abrantes in 1966.

Mayor of the City Hall since 24th of October 2017. City councilman responsible for several sectors in 2009 he was also assessor of the mayor of Ourém from 2005 until 2009. He was still councilman from 2009 to 2017.

He has a wide associative experience, having occupied places in the direction of several entities, such as the Volunteer Firefighters of Ourém, the Business Association of Ourém-Fátima and the Sport Center of Fatima, where he was president for four years.

Professionally, Luis Albuquerque is a certified accountant, being partner-manager of the company.

For the president: “The city of Fátima is a jewel of the world, a preciousness that bounds geographical limits. Fátima gives to our council a universal dimension and a universal responsibility to all residents.”