Kevin Griffin


Dr. Kevin Griffin is a lecturer and former Head of Department of Tourism at the Dublin Institute of Technology. He is an active researcher and teacher and specialises in areas such as sustainability of tourism, heritage tourism, culture and in particular religious tourism and pilgrimage. He is chair of an international group of religious tourism and pilgrimage researchers, coordinates and manages an annual international conference of researchers, is the founder and editor in chief of the highly acclaimed International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (, and is co-editor of the CABI Religous Tourism and Pilgrimage book series. His most recent books with CABI include: Leppakari, M. and Griffin, K. Eds (2017) Pilgrimage and Tourism to Holy Cities: Ideological and Management Perspectives; Raj, R., & Griffin, K. (Eds.) (forthcoming 2017) Conflicts, Challenges, Religion and Culture, and, Giacalone, F. and Griffin, K. (Eds.) (forthcoming 2017) Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism in Europe: local identities and transnational cults.